TV Show: Herstories Sneak Peeks!

Hosted by myself, Kathleen May, this interview show welcomes women to share their experiences and journeys. Women within diverse realms such as activism, creative arts, politics, mental health and addictions work, wellness, rape and abuse survivors, and many others talk about their struggles and triumphs. herstories brings the individual and the impact into focus. Women interested in being on the show can contact me at

In the premiere of herstories, I speak with retired military specialist, Nancy Osborne, about her career, and Dawn Novak, keynote speaker, and activist for Domestic Violence.





Second episode sneak peek! In this interview, I talk with Erin Horvath, Executive Director of New Vision Unlimited, a not for profit Community Development Organization as well as Cydney Jones who shares with our viewers her passion and love for theatre.


To watch the full episodes, subscribe to YourTV Cogeco Muskoka.


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