sistersXcanada – Day 1 – Pancake Bay Provincial Park, ON

We were in Pancake Bay, which sits on Lake Superior. My first great lake experience and I loved it! Superior is mythical, so cold ‘she doesn’t give up her dead’, as in, bodies sink to the bottom instead of floating to the top because it’s too cold for decomposition. I can attest to this – it was among the coldest swims I’ve ever taken, but I had to and it was so worth it.

sistersXcanada – Day 0 – Devising The Plot

About my sister: Christine is three years younger than me, hilarious, excitable, and an adventurer. She spent almost a year living in New Zealand and working across the country. She is my best friend and the person most like me on the planet in so many ways. I think we really understand each other and delight in one another’s company.

About me: 31 year old lesbian writer and feminist. Good communicator; poor city driver.

Blog: Atelier – a Conference For Women About Important Shit

The women attendees begin to filter in, and as I mentioned, it’s a crowd unlike any other I’ve been in. I’ve been in plenty of women-only space, so it wasn’t the women, and lots of larger crowds of women, so it wasn’t the size. It was the age-range and style. It had to be 90% millennial women, almost all were very fashion-forward, almost all were entrepreneurs. It was truthfully this very different type of sisterhood than I’m used to, but it was a sisterhood nonetheless.

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Male Violence?

Patriarchy hurting men is like the negative side effects of a very effective drug. Men could just stop taking the drug – they could fight against patriarchy, they could opt out of the benefits, they could do the work to support women and uplift our voices and deny the undeserved power bestowed by millennia of near global male control. But with vanishingly few exceptions, men do not. They like the drug.

Blog: herstories; or How I Got a TV Show and What That’s Like

I was so nervous! I had a little notepad with questions on it and I read them faithfully, one by one. I was very quiet and awkward. Even though I interact with women all the time at my work, in my life, and volunteering, in basically the same type of setting (I love to ask questions and I’m very curious, so if I’m not careful I can accidentally interview people without even thinking about it!), I was overwhelmed by the camera and the knowledge that it was Very Important to be professional and sound good, etc.

Blog: DART Conference Keynote Address

I woke up early to the pink streaks of sunrise over the snow-covered lake. I took a moment to rest in gratitude for this experience and then I got up. I ran through the portion of my talk that includes improvisation, and got ready for the day.

TV Show: Herstories Sneak Peeks!

Hosted by myself, Kathleen May, this interview show welcomes women to share their experiences and journeys. Women within diverse realms such as activism, creative arts, politics, mental health and addictions work, wellness, rape and abuse survivors, and many others talk about their struggles and triumphs. herstories brings the individual and the impact into focus.