sistersXcanada – Day 18 – Brandon, Manitoba

Grasslands is so beautiful and so different than anything else we’d seen (which of course is a recurring theme; each province is so unique and glorious). I thought it would be hot like a dessert because it was so sunny with no trees for shade, but it was cool due to the wind, which was so strong! We had to put more clothes on to deal with it, and even lighting our stove for breakfast wouldn’t happen; we ate dry cereal for breakfast instead.

sistersXcanada – Day 17 – Grasslands National Parks, Saskatchewan

I knew this was a moment I would carry forever. Sometimes I just have that feeling – when I work so hard for something and finally accomplish it – when something so beautiful reaches into my heart and writes its language there. I was so grateful to be there. I also got to see lenticular clouds, something you only see around mountains!

sistersXcanada – Day 6 – Prince Albert National Park, Saskatchewan

But this didn’t feel like alienation, nor was it loneliness. Everyone who cared enough knew where I was (somewhere in Canada!). I didn’t have any obligations I was avoiding, I didn’t need to know what was happening at my work or anywhere else. I could just exist, completely unknown, in my tiny tent under the unreachable stars, staring into the fire and thinking about what it meant to be small, what it meant to be me, what it meant to be.

sistersXcanada – Day 5 – Tisdale, Saskatchewan

I think that was the hardest hike of our entire trip, including a 16k mountain that I will end up doing! I’m proud of my sister because even though it was hot and unpleasant, she found so much joy in the animals and made sure to get lots of pictures of them wherever they arrived. She is definitely the animal lover and I am the nature lover! We work well together and this was a lovely bonding experience.