Video: Cats, Women, & Misogyny

Ever made the connection between the similar ways cats and women are treated? The idea that both cats and women are ‘mysterious, fickle, unknowable’ creatures–when in reality, cats and women are usually very good communicators when you pay attention. Watch this video for some mythbusting, and to meet my cat daughter Priestess, who has very good boundaries.

Video: Predators Prey – Don’t Make It Easy For Them

Check out my newest video. It’s a summation and response to an amazing workshop I took in Gravenhurst (Huntsville and Bracebridge dates upcoming). In this video I talk about situational awareness, the double-bind of self-defense, and how to avoid being an easy target for predators.


This video deals with the Globe and Mail’s new expose on Canada’s police precincts abuse of power and upholding of patriarchy by filing 1/5 rape cases as Unfounded. The Ontario Provincial Police’s stat is 34%. This type of bullshit creates an environment where rapists run RAMPANT because they know there are no repercussions. We have to make rape UNTHINKABLE.

Video: Canadian Women March on Washington

In this video: Jazzhands! But also, why women need to take over now, how we fucked up the animal world by calling it a kingdom aka ‘alpha’ bullshit, why women’s solidarity matters, and my experience at the Women’s March.

My first YouTube video

  So I’ve been thinking for some time about what it would look like if I had a youtube channel. Like most things in my life, this was not a simple or speedy decision. I have a number of reasons for being hesitant in doing this. I’m concerned about my own privacy and safety–radical feministsContinue reading “My first YouTube video”

Hexagon Women’s Land Proposal

Opportunities for living on the land include: building your own home with the help of other Hexagon members, paying tradeswomen to build your home to Hexagon environmental and community standards, bringing a previously built ‘tiny house on a trailer’ to the property. Hexagon also intends to offer a portion of land for ‘rent’ to women camping, RVing, or otherwise ‘Wild living’ in order to learn about Hexagon prior to living there, or simply to experience it.