She Speaks Collection

She Speaks: Let’s expect – and demand – more from our leaders

She Speaks: At last women are done being silent

She Speaks: don’t believe everything you think

She Speaks: Walk in my shoes; March in yours

She Speaks: Show Up, Don’t Give Up

She Speaks: Lorena Bobbitt, Tonya Harding, and Monica Lewinsky walk into a bar…

She Speaks: Where is the Village?

She Speaks: It’s going to get bad before it gets worse

She Speaks: Muskoka has an addiction problem and it’s not what you think

She Speaks: Sugarcoating won’t save the bees

She Speaks: What death by a thousand cuts actually feels like

She Speaks: Aloha – Remember to Breathe

She Speaks: Abortion will never be unthinkable, but denying it must be


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