Starts with a C, ends with an Answer – Cancer Master Post

Updates on my cancer journey are collected here, in chronological order with most recent appearing at the bottom. Some are password protected – please contact me for the password, as a temporary measure.

She Speaks Collection

She Speaks: Let’s expect – and demand – more from our leaders She Speaks: At last women are done being silent She Speaks: don’t believe everything you think She Speaks: Walk in my shoes; March in yours She Speaks: Show Up, Don’t Give Up She Speaks: Lorena Bobbitt, Tonya Harding, and Monica Lewinsky walk intoContinue reading “She Speaks Collection”

Table of Contents for Woman in Iceland!

Woman in Iceland – Part 1 Woman in Hawai’i – Part 2 Woman in Iceland – Part 3 Woman in Iceland – Part 4 Woman in Iceland – Part 5 Woman in Iceland – Part 6 Woman in Iceland – Part 7 Woman in Iceland – Part 8 Woman in Iceland – Part 9

Table of Contents for Woman in Hawai’i!

Woman in Hawai’i – Part 1 Woman in Hawai’i – Part 2 Woman in Hawai’i – Part 3 Woman in Hawai’i – Part 4 Woman in Hawai’i – Part 5 Woman in Hawai’i – Part 6 Woman in Hawai’i – Part 7 Woman in Hawai’i – Part 8 Woman in Hawai’i – Part 9 WomanContinue reading “Table of Contents for Woman in Hawai’i!”

Table of Contents for sistersXcanada!

sistersXcanada – Day 0 – Devising The Plot sistersXcanada – Day 1 – Pancake Bay Provincial Park, ON sistersXcanada – Day 2 – Pukaskwa National Park, Ontario sistersXcanada – Day 3 – Kenora, ON wal-mart sistersXcanada – Day 4 – Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba sistersXcanada – Day 5 – Tisdale, Saskatchewan sistersXcanada – DayContinue reading “Table of Contents for sistersXcanada!”