sistersXcanada – Day 40 – Newfoundland Ferry

Although drizzling at first with the horizon clouded out by the rain, while we were up there looking around, the fog lifted and we saw the full scene, uncovered, before us. We hadn’t realized that there were lakes right in front of us, beautiful mist-covered bodies of water shouldered by tall tamaracks and evergreens. The contrast between the golden trees, the bare granite, the grey-blue of the lake, and the bright green of the foliage was stunning.

sistersXcanada – Day 37 – Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland (x2)

The water got super choppy and it felt a little dicey for a bit, but eventually we docked and made our way back down the 3k trail to the car. Couldn’t have asked for better timing – we saw the fjords within one of the only windows of sun during the entire day.

sistersXcanada – Day 35 – Corner Brook, Newfoundland

The ferry trip actually went by very quickly. It was nice to have time together where neither of us were driving but we were still going somewhere. With a bit more reading and exploring, and taking a very noisy video on the bow of the ship, our time on the high seas passed and we packed back up and made our way down to the car once more.

sistersXcanada – Day 30 – Forillon National Park, New Brunswick

However, it got dark very quickly and although I had my headlamp, we still got pretty freaked out. There were a few forks in the trail that didn’t seem to make sense, so we split up – yes, really – to check them both out and then I’d shout if it was the right trail and Christine would have to find me, or vice versa. It was a beautiful trail but no moose and just stress!

sistersXcanada – Day 29 – Kouchibouguac National Park, New Brunswick

Claire-Fontaine trail, a 3.3k loop in a forest, is rife with peeks through the trees to a salt marsh and estuary, which we learned about from their information post at the trailhead. It was quite pretty with a well-trodden trail. The overcast sky made the greens all the more vibrant, and it had a distinctly witchy vibe to it.

sistersXcanada – Day 28 – Atholville, New Brunswick

All said and done, our distance was closer to 10k, and we saw beautiful lookouts, we heard about a bear but didn’t see it, and took lots of little breaks, sometimes on provided benches – what gifts! Lots of peaks overlooked the cape, so we took photos and at the end of the hike, Christine took about fifteen minutes to photograph the seagulls divebombing into the water.

Woman in Iceland – Part 3

We went into two separate glacial chambers. We had to navigate streams of glacier water and very low overhangs of ice. Kai and I both took some beautiful photos. We didn’t see the ‘blue’ of the caves that you see in other photos, but it was a really stunning experience to be inside something so ancient and important. There was such a weight above you, this pressing sensation that denoted the sheer volume of ice all around you.