Disclose – A Poem

The differences always sit in the details
In the degree
Because it was your boyfriend
But it was her dad
and you didn’t tell the police
but she had
and you felt horror, shame, helplessness
and she can only say ‘…it was bad’

you want the freedom to rage with her
it’s okay to tell her that
and you’re right there with her when she says,
what they all said:
listen, he isn’t just local filler
he’s a pillar
and anyway
it’s not like he’s a killer

you never knew how much it could ache
to hold space
you see her tears and you’re reminded that
the ocean hides 90% of an iceberg
and what she can show you, right now
is the 10% glinting in the sun
and maybe you’re kind of the like the sun
half desperately shining your light

it’s just too bad you had to fight

but mentor hand her your sword
because she’s the warrior now
you’re making the trade for a new kind of weapon
your voice
and while you stand fierce beside as she battles
you hold her
in your heart when you speak

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