sistersXcanada – Day 18 – Brandon, Manitoba

Grasslands is so beautiful and so different than anything else we’d seen (which of course is a recurring theme; each province is so unique and glorious). I thought it would be hot like a dessert because it was so sunny with no trees for shade, but it was cool due to the wind, which was so strong! We had to put more clothes on to deal with it, and even lighting our stove for breakfast wouldn’t happen; we ate dry cereal for breakfast instead.

sistersXcanada – Day 3 – Kenora, ON wal-mart

We drove on and stopped at Ouimet Canyon, which is such an interesting place and so ecologically fascinating. The top and the bottom of the canyon are completely different temperature/eco zones, and at the bottom there are lichen and plants that only grow in Arctic tundra. It was beautiful.

Blog: Rocky Horror and Actual Horror

Most of the rooms had labels for male prisoners, so it was really cool that the one we got had a placard for a woman – the owner of a house of ill-repute, no less. All of the other women’s labels talked about offenses like ‘keeping and untidy house’ and ‘vagrancy’, so you can see the misogyny here.