sistersXcanada – Day 27 – Forillon National Park, Quebec

It was shocking, because I don’t know about anyone else, but when I stop at a lookout, I’m expecting an especially lovely scene of natural beauty. Not stripped earth and massive destructive machines. It hurt our hearts. We have seen so much destruction of nature on this trip, all across our country. Do we think this can go on indefinitely? The earth is finite – and it’s our home, not a resource. We really need a radical re-envisioning of our relationship with the earth and our place upon it.

sistersXcanada – Day 26 – Lac Temiscouata, Quebec

We both had our e-books and we read in our swimsuits until it was hot enough to get into the water. The water was bathwater warm because it was so shallow for so much of the lake. The water was less than knee deep until a deep drop-off that could easily have been over our heads – but it was plagued with thick water plants, so we didn’t really want to try to swim through that. We sat in the water and relaxed and washed up but most of the time we spent at the beach was in our chairs, reading.

sistersXcanada – Day 25 – Rivière-du-loup, Quebec

Eventually I returned to the tent and Christine was waking up. We went for a morning swim in our underwear, and I floated on my back and looked up at the underside of the trees hanging over the water. The lake was still and I could float without worrying about current carrying me too far from shore. Once in the water, I didn’t want to leave.

sistersXcanada – Day 24 – La Mauricie National Park, Quebec

We smoked a bit of pot and saw an alien spaceship. Okay, I’m only kind of kidding. We saw something that definitely did not move like anything you see on earth. It jerked through the sky so fast we lost track of it, but it came back. We thought maybe a drone, but those aren’t exactly speedy and this moved like it was propelled somehow, but the trajectory was too random and all-over-the-place to be anything like a plane.

sistersXcanada – Day 23 – Sainte Agathe, Quebec

But my french is super limited and I usually ended up starting in french and then just offering a bunch of English synonyms for whatever I wanted because I didn’t have the french word. At first, I felt so embarrassed and stupid, but soon it became a challenge, and we enjoyed seeing signs and then looking up french words.