Blog: Thanks, Universe, For Fucking Shit Up

I know a lot about disappointment. I also know a lot about reframing, bright sides, and the universal tendency toward good things. This post is about that. Sort of. There was a not insignificant amount of build up to the Simcoe Country Violence Against Women Coordinating Committee talk. I was approached at the Muskoka DomesticContinue reading “Blog: Thanks, Universe, For Fucking Shit Up”

Blog: herstories; or How I Got a TV Show and What That’s Like

I was so nervous! I had a little notepad with questions on it and I read them faithfully, one by one. I was very quiet and awkward. Even though I interact with women all the time at my work, in my life, and volunteering, in basically the same type of setting (I love to ask questions and I’m very curious, so if I’m not careful I can accidentally interview people without even thinking about it!), I was overwhelmed by the camera and the knowledge that it was Very Important to be professional and sound good, etc.

Blog: DART Conference Keynote Address

I woke up early to the pink streaks of sunrise over the snow-covered lake. I took a moment to rest in gratitude for this experience and then I got up. I ran through the portion of my talk that includes improvisation, and got ready for the day.

Woman in Iceland – Part 9

Our trip truly sped by. I couldn’t believe the days ticked by without even slowing down for us. It was so packed with adventures and jaw-dropping sights and learning and sharing with each other. I feel that I’ve grown so much, as I always do when I travel. I love this country so much and I will truly miss it.

Woman in Iceland – Part 8

We left Harpa and it was quite chilly so we made our way back to our place for our last night in Iceland. We enjoyed the walk and you could see the stars. Kai was making us dinner that night so I just sat back and found a cooking show on Netflix. There was an appetizer of stuffed mushrooms which were so yummy, and the main course was potatoes, a stir-fry with snow peas, bean sprouts, and mushrooms, and these mysterious and inexpensive fish ball things. Whatever Kai did, they were so good!

Woman in Iceland – Part 7

We drove through Snæfellsjökull National Park, which was a beautiful drive around the tip of the peninsula. Once out of the park, we were atop the Northern part of the peninsula. We stopped for waterfalls and other beautiful sites, and to have lunch. We pulled off to a rather busy waterfall, and Kai stayed back while I hopped out to take photos. There was a walkway up one side and halfway down the other side of the waterfall, so I was almost at the end of the walkway before realizing: it was Kirkufell!

Woman in Iceland – Part 6

We still made good time on our way to the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. We didn’t make many stops except to take photos. It was a beautiful drive and something that not as many tourists do. Our host Nina had told us about a waterfall off the beaten path and we felt extremely lucky to see it. There weren’t many people on the road and we really got a sense that we were seeing something rare, inside the mountains.

Woman in Iceland – Part 5

The last stop was Þingvellir National Park. We drove for a while and then had to turn sharply around to access the park, and we saw the most beautiful sight. The perfectly full moon, low over the mountains in a purple sky. It made my heart stop! I got out the car before Kai even parked and ran to take photos and enjoy it. We spent a lot of time there, watching the moon rise and the sun set on opposite ends of the park. We walked in the chasm of the continental divide and felt like we were a part of geological history.