sistersXcanada – Day 20 – Kenora, Ontario

I especially wanted women to see what is possible when it comes to women travelling together or even solo. I think women belong in the world, experiencing anything they want to without fear. The world isn’t that way yet, but I do my best to get us closer to that.

sistersXcanada – Day 19 – Spruce Woods Provincial Park, Manitoba

We spent the entire night at the fire just hanging out and laughing together. I felt it brought us closer together after some of the stressful days we had behind us. We frequently would go through cycles of distance and bonding. It’s impossible to maintain only one level of closeness for that period of time, so we began to just make space for it.

sistersXcanada – Day 18 – Brandon, Manitoba

Grasslands is so beautiful and so different than anything else we’d seen (which of course is a recurring theme; each province is so unique and glorious). I thought it would be hot like a dessert because it was so sunny with no trees for shade, but it was cool due to the wind, which was so strong! We had to put more clothes on to deal with it, and even lighting our stove for breakfast wouldn’t happen; we ate dry cereal for breakfast instead.

sistersXcanada – Day 4 – Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba

We went into the information centre and got two free Manitoba pins and a map from the very friendly and helpful staff. We only stopped to get gas and then on to Winnipeg. Manitoba was only just becoming flat, the kind of flat where the road ahead looks like water because it’s right at eye level. It’s an odd illusion.