Woman in Iceland – Part 3

We went into two separate glacial chambers. We had to navigate streams of glacier water and very low overhangs of ice. Kai and I both took some beautiful photos. We didn’t see the ‘blue’ of the caves that you see in other photos, but it was a really stunning experience to be inside something so ancient and important. There was such a weight above you, this pressing sensation that denoted the sheer volume of ice all around you.

Woman in Iceland – Part 2

We drove well into dark, stopping for gas and also stopping at 3 waterfalls, including one draped in darkness and completely our own. The waterfalls are very accessible, right off the main road. They often have tourists at them, but if you’re patient, you can get photos without other people in them. I doubt this is the case in the summer. We stayed for a bit at the last waterfall, ours, and just enjoyed the fact that we were in another country together and in love.

Woman in Iceland – Part 1

After everyone left, we were in the city hall and they had heated seating by the window which looked out over a lovely pond just covered in cool ducks and swans. We took the time to look up Couchsurfing for that night, but another guide had told us that it was fairly impossible to couchsurf in Iceland anymore. It’s so high in demand, even in the off season, and tourists were taking advantage of it by acting like it was a crashpad and not the intended purpose of a cultural exchange. So we had to move on to AirBnb. We put out a request and headed back to the car once we’d warmed up.