sistersXcanada – Day 10 – Kamloops, British Columbia

The fires really were eerie. I can’t imagine living there. Ontario is so wet most of the season, with floods in the spring and periodic rain throughout the summer, not to mention countless lakes. Dry weather is just not something that I’m all that familiar with, and I found it really alarming. I can’t stand the feeling of being thirsty and something about these provinces, maybe it was in my mind, but I felt thirsty the entire time.

Woman in Iceland – Part 3

We went into two separate glacial chambers. We had to navigate streams of glacier water and very low overhangs of ice. Kai and I both took some beautiful photos. We didn’t see the ‘blue’ of the caves that you see in other photos, but it was a really stunning experience to be inside something so ancient and important. There was such a weight above you, this pressing sensation that denoted the sheer volume of ice all around you.