sistersXcanada – Day 12 – Victoria, British Columbia

The day started overcast when we got on our first trail – the Rainforest Trail. There are two parts to this trail (1 & 2) totalling about 2.2k. The trails were gorgeous and wholly unlike anything we’d seen so far. It was a true rainforest. So damp and dense with all kinds of creatures. We saw countless slugs and even stopped to get a photoshoot with one of them.

sistersXcanada – Day 11 – Ucluelet, British Columbia

But we did sleep – until we woke up first thing in the morning wondering why our breath felt so strained. Oops, we accidentally suffocated ourselves! And that, my friends, was the last time we slept with all the windows done up. Who know a Honda Fit would be fucking airtight?

sistersXcanada – Day 10 – Kamloops, British Columbia

The fires really were eerie. I can’t imagine living there. Ontario is so wet most of the season, with floods in the spring and periodic rain throughout the summer, not to mention countless lakes. Dry weather is just not something that I’m all that familiar with, and I found it really alarming. I can’t stand the feeling of being thirsty and something about these provinces, maybe it was in my mind, but I felt thirsty the entire time.

West Coast Trail (75k Backpacking Trail)

J was at her pain tolerance threshold and had to go into the tent, so I took our bear bags and went searching for the bear bins. They are normally fairly easy to find, especially when you see other people filing in that direction, and features like that are marked with washed-up buoys hanging from trees. However, there were multiple access points to the campground from the trail and those are also marked with buoys, so I wandered up and down the site looking for the bins with no luck. It was dark and pouring and I was just beside myself. I actually called out in the direction of some tents, ‘Can someone help me find the bear bin?’ but no one responded (most hikers would have been asleep by then!). There was one spot I was sure the bins would be, so I climbed over massive slippery logs only to find nothing but forest. I sat on a log and cried.