Donate to Support Literacy – and Lesbians!

Lack of access to education is a keystone factor in women’s oppression. Women globally still face disproportionate barriers to literacy. The research bears out time and again that education improves women’s quality of life. Women have fewer children, later in life, and are able to focus on their own growth, learning, and healing. Educated women have more control over their life decisions and direction.

The YMCA Muskoka is dedicated to eradicating illiteracy in our community. Both women and men access these vital services. All proceeds from the Muskoka Novel Writing Marathon, 72-hour writing event, go to YMCA Literacy Services. Please donate to see the dream of total literacy come to life.

2018 will be my FOURTH novel writing marathon! Twice, I completed a novel in 72 hours, and last year I wrote 50 000 words toward a work that I am still completing. Two years ago, I was thrilled to receive honourable mention from the judges, whose feedback has proved absolutely essential to the editing of my novel, Crack (nearly ready for publication!).

This year, I am shifting gears and aim to complete a novella, which is defined as a short novel or long short story (seriously). Novellas have between 7500 and 40 000 words, which is shorter for me, but my goal is to complete the piece and edit it in time for submission. I’ve had years where I didn’t even have time to spellcheck! And the idea I have for this year, well… It’s really special. And yes, there will be lesbians!

If you donate, I may be lucky enough to secure a spot in next year’s marathon. So not only are you support literacy, but you may help me write more stories for lesbians – of which there can never be enough!

Thank you!



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