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Kathleen May is a speaker, writer, lesbian, and activist. She lives in Muskoka, Ontario, and received her BA form York University. Stirred by feminist authors and activists, she has run a popular feminist blog for more than 8 years. She works for two women’s shelters in Muskoka, beginning as a volunteer. She also works as a co-ordinator for ‘I Got This – Unlocking Your Instincts’, a program designed to support women in developing an undeniable presence. Her activism strengthened her voice in Huntsville, where she hosts or supports frequent events toward the goal of women’s liberation, including rallies, strikes, marches, and vigils.

Kathleen volunteers with Muskoka Parry Sound Sexual Assault Services as a survivor mentor and crisis line volunteer, and also co-founded the much-loved Huntsville Women’s Group in 2014: a free, volunteer-run weekly drop-in for all Muskoka women. She has recently taken on the role of Community Connector for Women’s March Muskoka. With much excitement, Kathleen is making strides toward a sustainable women’s land co-operative in Huntsville. Kathleen recently launched a YourTV program called ‘herstories’ where she interviews Muskoka women about their experiences, struggles, and triumphs. She finds joy in nature as an avid backpacker and hiker, and in writing, where she focuses on telling stories about complex female characters. Her energy comes from creating platforms for women to share their stories.





Kathleen May offers a compelling Keynote Address, sharing components of her story as a survivor of child sexual abuse and repeated assaults in her adulthood, intertwined with her experiences as a writer, a lesbian, and an activist.

This address, when delivered to an audience of professionals, usually in the field of Violence Against Women, challenges people to radically adjust their approach to interacting with survivors and victims of sexual assault and identify their own biases. Kathleen offers especial insight into why systems and agencies so often fail women and outlines the necessary dramatic shift needed to repair this.

When speaking to survivors or victims of abuse or sexual violence, Kathleen redirects the message into one of resilience, power, and recovery. Still based in a deeply vulnerable sharing, this Address focuses on the actions and mental changes needed to thrive after being harmed. She deftly interconnects our personal stories, passions, and actions to forge an encompassing perspective on healing.

Kathleen can gear one of these talks, or a combination thereof, to essentially any audience hoping to gain insight into a survivor’s journey. Inquire at


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