sistersXcanada – Day 23 – Sainte Agathe, Quebec

But my french is super limited and I usually ended up starting in french and then just offering a bunch of English synonyms for whatever I wanted because I didn’t have the french word. At first, I felt so embarrassed and stupid, but soon it became a challenge, and we enjoyed seeing signs and then looking up french words.

sistersXcanada – Day 22 – Timmins, Ontario

Along the way, we stopped at a fish and rock store. I never realized how amazingly those things would go together, but this store made up my mind. The owner was a rock hounder and had countless absolutely beautiful amethyst crystals, of all types, from pale shards to giant geodes. We spent a lot of time talking to the shop owner; she was Finnish, so we had conversations about social services in our respective countries, how education and elder care were free in her home country and Canada should be the same, and we also decided that National and Provincial parks should be free to the public.