She Speaks: Whose pride is it anyway?

For want of a true ‘safe space’, Pride is so very close to what we need to heal as a community from relentless othering in a society that’s enforced a hierarchy we cannot ascend by virtue of being the amazing people we are.

Woman in Iceland – Part 8

We left Harpa and it was quite chilly so we made our way back to our place for our last night in Iceland. We enjoyed the walk and you could see the stars. Kai was making us dinner that night so I just sat back and found a cooking show on Netflix. There was an appetizer of stuffed mushrooms which were so yummy, and the main course was potatoes, a stir-fry with snow peas, bean sprouts, and mushrooms, and these mysterious and inexpensive fish ball things. Whatever Kai did, they were so good!

Woman in Iceland – Part 2

We drove well into dark, stopping for gas and also stopping at 3 waterfalls, including one draped in darkness and completely our own. The waterfalls are very accessible, right off the main road. They often have tourists at them, but if you’re patient, you can get photos without other people in them. I doubt this is the case in the summer. We stayed for a bit at the last waterfall, ours, and just enjoyed the fact that we were in another country together and in love.

London Lesbian Film Festival 2017

In previous years, the Film Festival had been located in one large theatre, but this year it had been divided and we took up two theatres that were near each other. Since this was my first year, I couldn’t compare, but personally I didn’t mind it too much as I was overwhelmed enough without having that many people in one place. But I heard others were disappointed at the arrangement, which I understand.