Woman in Hawai’i – Part 3

April 27 I woke up several times in the night because of the unfamiliar surroundings and because I’m a pee-three-times-a-night kind of gal. Kai was awake at 4am and when I woke up more reasonably at 7am, she was gone. I found her on the lanai with the cats taking sound recordings of the birds,Continue reading “Woman in Hawai’i – Part 3”

sistersXcanada – Day 32 – Halifax, Nova Scotia

We loved seeing the little creatures that lived in these water collections, little urchins and anemones and other things we weren’t quite sure about. It’s like a universe within a universe. Did the creatures even know they were on land – did they know how many humans passed them every day? Were they in more danger there than in the depths beneath the waves?