Blog: Thanks, Universe, For Fucking Shit Up

I know a lot about disappointment. I also know a lot about reframing, bright sides, and the universal tendency toward good things. This post is about that. Sort of. There was a not insignificant amount of build up to the Simcoe Country Violence Against Women Coordinating Committee talk. I was approached at the Muskoka Domestic … Continue reading Blog: Thanks, Universe, For Fucking Shit Up

Blog: herstories; or How I Got a TV Show and What That’s Like

I was so nervous! I had a little notepad with questions on it and I read them faithfully, one by one. I was very quiet and awkward. Even though I interact with women all the time at my work, in my life, and volunteering, in basically the same type of setting (I love to ask questions and I’m very curious, so if I’m not careful I can accidentally interview people without even thinking about it!), I was overwhelmed by the camera and the knowledge that it was Very Important to be professional and sound good, etc.

Bio & Keynote Address

BIO Kathleen May is a speaker, writer, lesbian, and activist. She lives in Huntsville, Ontario, and received her BA form York University. Stirred by feminist authors and activists, she has run a popular feminist blog for more than 8 years. She works for two women’s shelters in Muskoka, beginning as a volunteer. She also works … Continue reading Bio & Keynote Address

Woman in Iceland – Part 9

Our trip truly sped by. I couldn’t believe the days ticked by without even slowing down for us. It was so packed with adventures and jaw-dropping sights and learning and sharing with each other. I feel that I’ve grown so much, as I always do when I travel. I love this country so much and I will truly miss it.