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What do you get in exchange for supporting me on Patreon? There are three options!


This year, I began writing to save my life.

It always felt necessary and important that I write, but suddenly, it became urgent.

At 33 years old, I was diagnosed with ovarian and endometrial cancer. I am currently undergoing treatment, including radiation and chemotherapy. I have quite a path ahead of me before I can settle back into any sense of normalcy. Writing about my cancer experience helps me process it, and writing about other people and other worlds liberates me from it.

And I’ve realized that maybe normalcy isn’t desirable after all. I have been so emphatically ejected from ‘normal’ that I don’t think I could return if I wanted to.

The truth is, I don’t want to.

I want to write. I love creating stories, usually about women and our unique ways of moving through the world. I’m driven by a glut of curiosity.

Speculative fiction, fantasy, and the mundane made compelling – I cross genres, learn writing rules only to break them, and speak of the unspoken.

I’ve also been submitting my writing for contests – this type of work challenges me and allows me the freedom to explore and experiment. It’s making me a better writer! I’ve been writing short stories, creative non-fiction, screenplays, flash fiction, and poetry – and of course there is always a novel or two on the go!

This Patreon is one way for my writing to sustain me, and it allows my friends and loved ones, and lovely strangers, to support me if they like my work and want me to continue to create.
I’m a simple woman – I’m frugal, I’m a minimalist, and I tend to ‘make due.’ At the same time, I have student loans and other bills, and of course there’s rent to pay. Any amount given through Patreon will make a huge difference in my life. My goal is to be self-sufficient on my writing alone, and I think that’s achievable – with your help.

I am also working on building a tiny house! I am loving the process, overwhelming as it can be at times, and I even have a gorgeous, remote location to park my home when it’s ready. This way, I can be immersed in nature – and nothing is more inspiring! So your financial backing will also move me forward toward my dream of writing full-time in my off-grid tiny house.

Have a look at the perks I am offering in return for your support. I want this to be a fun, reciprocal relationship. That would mean the world to me! Thank you so very much.

Support me on Patreon – you’ll receive exciting, exclusive content every month!

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