My name is Kathleen May. I’m 31 years old and I’m a lesbian, a feminist, and a writer. I also belong in nature.


As a child, I was climbing up rock faces and into tree canopies, desperate to experience the world from vantage points beyond my own. My home was not always the safest place for me, so I would run away, both in my mind (which evolved into a talent for writing) and in my body (which became a passion for nature).

In adulthood, I learned there were still unsafe places. As a feminist, I recognize one of the most dangerous places for a woman is her own bedroom. After a time of being so constricted by my mental health struggles that I barely left my apartment, I at last began to venture farther and farther away from that delusion of safety.

I love to adventure with my friends and family and I am very lucky and grateful to have many women willing to venture with me, but I also crave solitude. My passion is for solo expeditions. The sensation of climbing to the top of an arduous lookout and witnessing the beauty before me, completely alone, makes me feel unstoppable and completely fulfilled.

I am a staunch and unapologetic feminist and I am not afraid to be angry at the treatment of women globally. All my paid and volunteer jobs focus on advocating for women, whether it is counselling women in crisis, volunteering as a mentor for rape survivors, or writing bold truths about women’s lives and loves. I am woman-centred and nature-focused.

This website will serve as a collection of my experiences, and maybe even as an impetus for another women, or for all women, to seek their space in nature and allow the earth to heal the wounds that come as a result of surviving in a world that has been twisted away from our best interests.


I can never again be told that I don’t belong in the forests. I will never again believe that

nature is unsafe for me. We belong to each other. And when I walk away, I walk with her.



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